Real Estate Blogging

2 Main Reasons for Creating a Real Estate Blog:

  1. SEO
  2. Get Leads

Blogs should be actionable for it to be effective.

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Essential Elements of a Successful Blog
IMSD Blogging For Business
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Blog Title Rules
1. Must be geographically specific.
2. Must be short and concise.
3. Must be named with the exact phrase you want to rank for.
EXAMPLE: Ballard WA View Home
Blog Body and Content Rules
1. Keyword Density should be between 2%-4% of the full blog.
This means that for every 100 words you should use your keyword 2 to
4 times.
2. Total length of the blog should be between 300-500 words.
It is important to stay in this frame. Too short, and it will not be found
in search results; and too long, nobody will read it.
3. You should start and end with your keyword phrase.
4. You should use pictures (create a better user experience).
A picture is worth a thousand words and keeps consumers on your page